Thursday, November 14, 2013


One of the many blogs I follow is Hollywood Housewife.  She hosted an instagram challenge yesterday where you take pictures of the non-glamorous, mundane everyday part of our lives.  

The reason behind it all was these are the moments most people find they miss the most.  

It was a brilliant and fun day.

Also, I'm sorry for everyone who follows me on instagram who were bombarded by my boring pic's.

Here they are in order.

I actually woke up at 5:20, woke up the teen, took the Mister to the Metra and went to spin class.  

It wan't till I got back home, woke the teen up again and started getting the preschooler ready that I remembered I was going to participate in this.  

Clara demands pop tarts for breakfast.

Favorite go-to running around shoes.
Best ten dollars I ever spent at Target.  
These are so comfortable I never even had a breaking-in period!

Epitome of my every single day.
It goes something like this....

Run run run!  
Run run run!  
(rinse and repeat.)

Where I blog.  
My computer's keyboard is broken, so it's rigged up.
But still works perfectly, so why replace it?

The last pile of unpacking that I can't really do anything about until I get a new storage cabinet for all of my art supplies.  
I gave my old one to the kids.

Ironically I can't get any work done for me until I find one. 
 Anybody have a storage unit that would be good for holding papers, paint, charcoal, brushes, and random other supplies that they want to get rid of?  For the life of me I can't seem to fine one that I like.

I don't even care if its ugly.  
That can be fixed.
I'm just tired of looking.

Puppy Playtime!

(For the lazy mother.)

We had to go to home depot because the "brand new windows" in our "brand new house" was letting in a ton of cold air, which could be deadly for our Bearded Dragons, so I needed plastic for that.

Also I wanted to get matching pots for my kitchen rosemary trees.
I figured they would be on clearance.  

They weren't.

While I was standing there mean mugging the price tag, trying to decide if I really wanted to pay that much for two stinking pots a worker came over to ask if I needed help.

I told him what I was doing and he gave me $20 off!  
It was awesome.

Then I had to listen to this whiny little bastard

But he kept the 3 yr old's attention while I fixed our draft problem,

and while I re-potted my plants.
Which was desperately needed. 

The teenager came home.  

I'm trying my damnedest to teach her how to maintain a positive, healthy and realistic body image.

So off to the gym we went.

Then it was finally time to pick The Mister up.
6:54 pm

I wanted a glass of wine with our "dinner" of leftover vegetarian curry, corn, hot dog's and mashed potatoes.  

(Don't judge.)  

(Okay, you can a little.)

All we had was a Strawberry Rhubarb wine my sister and I found at whole foods the past weekend.  

We bought it in hopes that it wouldn't be terrible.

It was terrible.

Unless of course you like a mixture of church wine and White Zin.

This was a better choice.

After dinner The Mister practiced his piano.  He's been teaching himself for a few months now and is pretty amazing at it already.

Color me green.

Now it's 8:40 and I am ready to put the kids to BED.
But first, baths are in order.

And now, it is a little after 9.  I'm ready for some adult conversation and a little reading before I pass out.  

Unfortunately I will be woken up about every two hours, as my 3 year old has reverted back to her newborn sleeping habits.


As someone who lives mostly on an Island, alone out here in the middle of nowhere, it was refreshing to see that I am not going crazy nor am I alone while tackling the simple mundane things that make up my every day.  

It was nice to see that my kitchen is not the only one whose looked like a bomb went off in it on many different times throughout the day.  

The same goes for my laundry mountain, the strewn about toys, my secret hatred of Caillou and the endless never ending running.

It's good to know that even though I feel like I am on an island of one most days, I am not the only one who feels like this.

Also, the next time someone asks, 

"You stay at home?  That must be nice.  I would get bored, what do you DO all day?" 

I wont feel bad giving my eye daggers. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I never feel bad giving someone who asks that eye daggers. For. Real. (I commented on your Insta photo, but I'm also reading Hyperbole and a Half. She is so interesting!)

    1. I was so excited for this book, I am trying to savor it instead of my usual speed read!

      This post had me in tears!