Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Right Next Door

We met the local police-force welcoming committee this past weekend.  

Well, I didn't.  I was off causing lots of debauchery, swinging from the tree tops, acting like a pirate and drinking my weight in booze.

While I was away doing this I left the Mister to his own devices, with Buehrle-dog, at home.  The plan was for him to build an entertainment center, but he soon found out he needed a jig-a-ma-goo thing to do it.

 Since all of his weekend plans were shot he decided to go check out our new local watering holes.

I should stop this story right here to say this:  Drinking and driving is something that just doesn't happen over here--ever!  As adamant as the Mister is against this, you would think he is the head of M.A.D.D., when in fact he is just a very conscious and responsible citizen.

So he walked to the local bar, stayed a few hours and started walking home again.  It was pretty chilly that evening and he was wearing appropriate clothing.  (His brand new hoodie)  Also, we live on the outskirts of town.  There are no sidewalks here, so he was walking right off of the road.  A police car went by, did a u-turn, crept by him, did a u-turn and repeated the process all over again.  The Mister didn't want to get hit, so he stepped off into the grass.  This, he was told, was suspicious behavior.  The officer stopped and asked him what he was doing, the mister told him he was walking home and then the officer made him get in his car.
(He was 4 houses away).  

When they got to our home the Mister said thanks and got out. The officer then got out and questioned how he was associated with the house.  The Mister explained that this is our house a few times, thanked him again for the ride and went in through the back. He then brought Buehrle-dog out to the back yard to play fetch for a bit.  After a few minutes he heard multiple people chatting in the front yard.  He walked out there with our dog to see 4 police cars in front of our house with the flood lights on our front door and officers on out front lawn.  When they saw him walking up one of them immediately reached for their gun while asking if our dog was safe.  In case you don't remember, here is what our vicious dog looks like.....

Seeing how things were all of a sudden ridiculous, the Mister put his hands up and said "down" to Buehrle, who immediately did this.......

And then perhaps looked at the strange men like this......because they then grilled my husband about the "nature of his relationship with the homeowner" and then the nature of his relationship with the house" (what does that even mean?) for OVER A HALF OF AN HOUR!  

I don't know about you, but for me, the fact that he walked into the dark house and then came out of said house with the family dog would have been my first clue that everything was on the up and up.  
Especially since they were going to pull a gun on said mean-scary dog.  

Also, what was he going to do?  Shoot my dog?  I would have every single one of their heads if that happened.  

And what was the reason behind this?  Do they REALLY not have ANYTHING to do on a Saturday night at 2:30 in the morning?  They have to harass the new kids for walking home instead of drinking and driving?

Its a really good thing me and my temper were six hours away while this happened.  This is exactly what I was worried about when we made this move.  
(Hate hate hate small towns.)


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