Monday, April 29, 2013


The Color Run was a wet, messy success this year!  Since it was wet, that meant my phone refused to take pictures.  I am waiting to get pictures of our madness from all my other running partners.  My favorite part of this trip was being in southern Illinois in the couple of weeks where everything is so bright in color.  It feels magical to look at.The fact that it was overcast made the new buds and all of the grass pop even more.

Clara has never experienced this before and was mesmerized.  Maybe it is from the lack of grass the kid has seen in general but once we turned onto the country roads (from the interstate) and started passing wheat fields, she exclaimed to me,

"Oh Mama!  Look at all that grass!  Oh my!  Look at all the grass they have here!"

Mama and I on the way to the race.
We are still very clean and very warm in this picture.

  I am still in recovery mode from all the sleep I didn't get with my travelling and trying to see as many people as possible.  However, today was the first time we have had a clean bill of health/warm weather in our house so it has been back to the tri training all morning for me. Tomorrow I am getting a kid seat to go on the back of my bike (another thing I swore I would never do).  This weather and the need to up my training is just begging Clara and I to get to the lakefront!

AND - the most exciting part of my Monday......Today after Clara's kid's yoga class......


(Not even when it was time to leave!!!!!)

Small Victories in my house today.  
I will take them and I will LOVE them!

Her "I'm a big girl I didn't cry" prize.
Judge me if you will.
Bribing is one of the only tools I have that works.

Happy Monday!

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