Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day is Every Day!

Happy Earth Day, folks!

It is sunny and beautiful here in the Windy City.  

The wee one and I decided there would be no better way to celebrate Earth Day then to stroll around the fabulous beaches and parks this city has to offer.

In case you are not sure of a proper way to celebrate Earth Day, we have a few suggestions:

 Smell every single flower you can find.....

Exclaim how beautiful every single one is.
(And mean it.)

Find some sand.

Make some adorable foot prints in it.

Find a beach,
Roll in the sand,
Run in circles,
Laugh maniacally.

Or you could be like our neighbor.....

(Who apparently hates the Earth but loooooves dogs.)

However you celebrate today, make sure it is done with love!

Maybe it is just because I haven't seen the kids all weekend, but I sure am feeling the love today!

Happy Earth Day!

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