Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking In

I was finally able to break in my new kitchen a couple days ago.  Let me tell you, from someone who enjoys cooking and eating homemade healthy meals, not having a kitchen for over a month was just complete and total torture.  There really is not a whole lot of decently priced, healthy, vegetable heavy fast food out there.

Watch out Mister, you think I made you eat to many vegetables before?  

Just you wait until I get back.  

We will be going completely vegetarian for quite some time now.  ;)

Also, we were able to get our little garden going for the year.

This was a huge day for my sanity, I tell you what.

Ready for the garden line-up for this year?  


And coming soon.....Tomatoes.  However this year I can't kill my tomato plant.  The Mister says if I do this year I am not allowed to grow them anymore.  

We'll see about that.

Happy Monday Folks.

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