Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whomping Willow

Do you remember the magical tree that is planted on Hogwarts grounds?  

The one that was placed there to hide the secret passageway from Hogwarts that leads to the Shrieking Shack in nearby Hogmeade so Lupin could change into a werewolf in secret?

No?  Well I'll tell you.  That magical tree is called a Whomping Willow.  It is a very violent tree that will attack anything or anyone who comes near it's branches.  The branches of this tree function just like arms.

I believe overnight the tree outside my house has transformed into a Whomping Willow.  

View from my window*

*This may or may not be my actual window.

Or maybe it is just fall.  Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The baby and I spent it travelling.  I learned that the lace I like costs $213.00 a yard (Ouch!) and that felt blankets are easy to make.  So I bought WAY to much felt and plan on sewing everyone in my family a blanket for christmas.  

(The family that I live with, not all of you.  Sorry guys!  That would put me in the poorhouse for sure!)

My mama and my little sisters are coming to visit me this weekend.  They are also going to look at some colleges in the area.  Seeing I did not attend college the "proper" way I will not be much help outside of showing them how to get to and from.  I need to ask a bit of help from you all.

My question for you:  What are things to look for as well as good questions to ask when visiting potential colleges?

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  1. You can ask them how diverse their student body is and also a lot about what kind of clubs they have. xoxoxoo