Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rate Your Landlord

I Have Learned Some Interesting Things As Of Late

  1. Stabbing yourself with wood carving tools makes you look like a cutter.
  2. I can never ever ever become a truck driver.  (Driving for long distances makes me see RED.  I've driven over 24 hours in the past week.  It blows.)
  3. Rats can burrow through the foundation of your house and live in your home.
  4. My dog is terrified of city buses and.......ducks.  

I get the bus.  Its big and hisses and beeps and if I were Buehrle I would probably yelp and hide behind my master if I saw one too.

But ducks?  Seriously?  And its not like they were crazy angry geese chasing after him.  They were just swimming in the pond.  We were on our morning run when I figured out these fears of his.  He ran to the other side of me so quickly it was like someone lassoing my legs.  Luckily I have *amazing balance and did not fall on my face.

*this may or may not be true.

One more thing I've been thinking about strongly lately?  

As a woman who has been a renter for the last twelve years I have been in some crazy situations.  I have lived in some very odd housing.  I have had some really great landlords.  I have had some really crazy landlords.  But I have also had some really shitty slumdog landlords.

So the other day the Mister and I were talking.  There are all these different websites where you can "rate" things.  Why isn't there a "rate your landlord" website?

First and foremost, there is Yelp, where you can rate damn near anything in the world (and whose ratings I strongly rely on for my everyday adventures in consumerism.)  There is great schools for when you start looking into your schooling options (and you should start early, folks.)  They even have sites for rating your college professor.

So why, I ask you, is there not any kind of *Rate Your Landlord* website?  You willingly hand over your entire life story to this complete stranger in exchange for a measly 12 months of your life.  And for what?  It is always a huge gamble!  The Mister told me it is a lawsuit issue and it could make it easier for people to get sued for slander, but its not slander if its true!

I know I would have missed out on a lot of headaches if this type of service existed.

What is your *favorite landlord horror story?

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