Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Red Wagon

At my recent trip home my dad asked if I wanted to take Rhiannon's wagon back.  Apparently I asked the folks to hang on to it "for a little bit" and now 8 years later......... I'm finally taking it back.  (Sorry mom and dad!)  Although this couldn't of come at a better time since the mister and I were just talking about how nice it would be to get one to transport Clara to and from the beach.

While in storage for the past eight years it became a bit rusty.

Dad told me all I had to do was take a wire brush to it and spray it with Rustoleum hammered red paint.  Easy schmeasy!  However, without thinking I didn't buy the spray paint while down south and since you can't buy it in the city I instead got a can of Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Apple Red, a paint brush and made an afternoon of it.

  Since it was quite brighter then the existing paint I decided to paint the entire thing instead of just the inside.  I guess I did a pretty good job.  About  15 people stopped to talk to me while I was working.

It was really hot and gross out so I filled up the baby pool and let Clara splash away while I worked in the shade.  Once I was in the shade working it turned into one of those magical feeling moments life throws at us from time to time.  The baby was quiet and content throwing out a giggle every now and then, there was a soft breeze flowing and I had a paintbrush in my hand.  (Its what I love most.)  

Is there really anything more magical then a sweet baby playing in her pool on a hot summer day in front of her mamma's garden?  I think not!

Finished Product!  Now it needs to hurry up and dry so I can reattach the wheels and cart my baby around!

Happy Summer Solstice Sweet Friends!

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