Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spin Cycle

Did you know that THIS weekend is St. Patrick's day?  We are so excited to go downtown to see the river dyeing in the morning!  

Also, after experiencing last year's living in Lincoln Park on St. Patrick's day fiasco of people puking/fighting/throwing up/throwing their booze bottles/all of the above in our yard (We had a freaking gate!  This didn't stop them!)...... 

I am excited to spend Saturday OUT of the city! 

(After we see the infamous green river, of course.)

Rhiannon seeing the green river for the first time in 2010

Today I was introduced to what you "normal gym people" probably call "spin class"

I like to call it "hell".

Seriously, I thought I was going to die and/or puke the entire time.  

BUT I DID spin 17.5 miles in 45 minutes which is pretty awesome, since that is exactly how many miles I am going to be riding in the upcoming triathlon   

I am excited for warmer weather so I can just ride my real bike on the  lakefront instead of in a stinky room with a bunch of older people (who are so much better at spin class then me!)

After the class I went to the kids room to pick up Clara.  

I asked them if she was good and if she cried.  

(We had a deal  no tears = a piece of gum for her.)

She didn't cry, but apparently she said this to the woman in charge... 

"You don't touch me!  I don't like you!"

I'm sure I turned beet red while I started to stammer out an apology but the lady stopped me saying it was okay.  

Two minutes later Clara had come back up to her and apologized.  

Now I'm not sure if I should tell her to be nicer to people or congratulate her on not letting a stranger touch her...........

Regardless, a deal's a deal and as soon as we left she looked up and said, "Where's my green gum, Mama?"

Between the green eyes and green nails, nobody better pinch me!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's day weekend!!!!

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