Monday, October 29, 2012


I haven't posted in quite some time.  This is mainly because we haven't done anything interesting or out of the ordinary lately.  Most days look a lot like this.....

(Not sure whats going on in this picture?  Clara's pretending to be a puppy.  When Clara is a puppy she kicks Buehrle out of his bed.)

Or this happens a lot too.....

(Look past the two cuties and look at the tornado that has destroyed the house!)

However this weekend was exceptionally fun.  My Folks, little sister and nephew came to visit us!  This was Laynes first time in the city.  The way that he and Clara play together warmed my heart!  I told him he has to come back to the city when it is warm so we can go to a Cubs game and the beach.  He agreed, but only if his mom could come too.  (Fair enough.)

This weekend was also Rhainnon's first dance recital.  It was originally going to be a flash mob, but due to the astronomical price it was going to cost the dance studio to perform in the park they decided to instead have it on their property.  It was COLD outside this Saturday but all the kids performed really well!  I only wish we could see Rhiannon better!  She was in the back and since she is a wee bit short she was covered up most of the time.

She was, however, the cutest one out there!

Here is the video the dance studio shot.  She is in the back row, three right from the very center.  You can see her about 1/2 of the time...

Regardless if you can see her the whole time or not she did fantastic and I am so proud of her!


  1. I love it!!! Looks like they had tond=s of fun.

  2. The dance studio hosted a big party for the teens afterwards, they had snacks and a DJ, Rhiannon had a BLAST!