Sunday, October 14, 2012

Car Conversation

 The girls and I went for a quick trip down south this weekend.  This means we spent the majority of our time in the car.  Here are some tidbits of our conversation that I need to share.  Feel free to try and figure out who said what.

"Do you know who Tina Turner is?"

"Yeah, she is a singer who has an abusive boyfriend and great legs.  And she's 60."

"Mama!  Buy me a pony! Now!"

"OMG! You have SUCH TERRIBLE taste in music!  How can you NOT LIKE 3 Doors Down AND Nickleback?  They're SOOOO good!"

(After that last little bit I immediately put in my Man Man CD.  One of my children couldn't get enough.  The other was pretty unimpressed and embarrassed.)

Although it was a short visit I was able to see some good friends and a few family members.....

  Clara got a few play-dates in with some "baby-friends"...

And my very talented Mama made me a beautiful blanket!  

It was a fantastic weekend!  However I must say I am very happy to be back home with my boys.  
I have missed them so!  

Happy Sunday!

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