Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salty Grossness

Today Rhiannon had a nine o'clock meeting with the vp at her new school.  So her along with two toddlers (Clara and my friends son) and I all went and toured the school together.  It was a pretty emotional visit for both Rhiannon and I.  

After we left I suggested we walk to Trader Joe's to pick up some sort of chocolate baked goods to help ease everyone's nerves.  (Chocolate is a girls best friend.  Especially in this house)

Since we did have two one yr olds with us we just did a quick brownie grabbing dash and made our way home. Once the babe's were in bed I asked Rhiannon to bring me some brownies.  

She said she already tried them and THEY WERE GROSS!

(Rhiannon is a super trickster.  I was under the impression she was just being silly again.)

So I dug in.

And she was right.

It was disgusting.  I felt like I was trying to chew up a salt lick.  

(For those of you that are "non country" a salt lick is a giant piece of salt hunters leave out to attract deer during hunting season.)  

(And yes I have actually licked one before.)

Although the outside on the brownies were covered in salt i found the inside was still just a delicious chocolate that we were originally looking for.  

I told Rhiannon to try and get to the inside.  She was less then enthusiastic

But she humored me anyway, like the good girl she is.

We decided it wasn't worth it,

Lesson learned? 

You really are not that busy. 



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  1. Most farmers use these for cows but hunters use them for other animals. Some are used for home water treatment systems too. Hunters are not supposed to leave any kind of food to attract deer. It's not legal, not sure about the salt but I know you can't leave grain to attract deer while you are hunting.