Monday, August 22, 2011

The Bee's Knee's

Last night the Mister, Clara and myself drove back home to Chicago from an amazing party my parents threw down in the dirty south.  It felt SO good being home again, even if it was only for about 14 hours.  I packed the car up again this morning and and drove the baby and myself to Valpo to help out my dear friend who is having surgery on her knee as I write this.

Last week while I was gone I didn't make sure the freezer and fridge were stocked before I left.  As a result the sweet Mister almost starved to death.  (I'm such a bad wife.)  This time when he gets home from work he will find lots of Hungry Mans, Frozen white castles and dino nuggets waiting for him in the freezer (because that makes me a good, caring and health conscious wife, right?)   

Between all of this travelling and craziness I actually have been able to get a few (one) of my summer projects done!  When we moved into our new home I fell in love with everything EXCEPT the light fixtures in the front room and the dining room.  They were the the ugliest nastiest looking (early 90's crack-house) lights I had ever seen.  I had been on the hunt for new fixtures to replace them for months now.  I wanted 2 candelabra chandeliers and didn't want to spend more then $50.   I  finally found them at the home for habitat resale shop in St. Louis.  This place is amazing!!!!  

Reclaimed windows, doors, shutters, tiles, cabinets, sinks, granite, paint and chandeliers, oh my!  Lots and lots of chandeliers!!!!!

Just so you realize how incredibly nasty the previous chandeliers were please look below.  (I was always embarrassed when we had the lights on at night knowing people could see them as they walked by.)   


The only thing I didn't like about the chandeliers I found (to replace the nasty old ones) was their color.  One was black and was this gold-ish color.

So I bought two cans of Rustoleum spray paint (shhh....don't tell the city of Chicago...)  The first can I bought was their metallic in brown.  The second can I bought was also brown, but in the hammered spray.  

I originally was going to spray them both with the metallic and then lightly go over them with the hammered.  However once I had them painted with the metallic I realized I really liked the way it looked, so for the dining room chandelier I just kept it with the Rustoleum brown metallic.

Since I liked the fixture I bought for the dining room more then the one I bought for the living/play room I decided to execute my first plan on that one and hope for the best.  So this one has both the brown metallic and hammered spray paint on it.  I love the way it turned out!  It has a deeper, more rich color.  Since the rooms sit side by side it contrasts nicely.

Best part, it was all done under $40.  Worst part, Right as I was finishing  putting the second one up I saw the Mister coming up the walk getting home from work.  So I got a stern talking to on how its "not safe" to stand on ladders and do electrical work and such.

Sorry Mister.  I promise not to mess with any more light fixtures.  (I've already gone and changed them all.)

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