Monday, February 10, 2014

Mike Tyson

The Mister and I had an impromptu date night the on Saturday. 

We went to see that famous comedian, Mike Tyson.

(If you really don't know who Mike Tyson is, look him up.  He is not famous for being a comedian.)

I told him I didn't know what was more sad.....that our date nights now consisted of going to smokey casinos in Indiana.......or how incredibly bitter and broken Mike Tyson was.

His entire show consisted of making fun of white people.  And his ex wife.  And her mom.  And Jewish people.  And Brad Pitt.

He probably made fun of more but we wouldn't know, we left early.  
Good thing too, because The Mister found this.....

And I found an endless gelato buffet.  And all was right in that fabulous land of Indiana once again.

Happy Monday!

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