Monday, August 19, 2013


My little sister was married this weekend.  It was such a beautiful wedding.  If you are looking for a winery in southern Illinois to either get married at or just want to go to because it is beautiful, you should definitely consider Copper Dock Winery.   It was even more beautiful at night then it was during the day, and they had an amazing band playing there.  (I think they were called Gypsy One?)  I don't want to be cheesy and say it was magical looking at night, but it was pretty damn magical looking at night. 

As every new bride wants to see pictures of her wedding day, this post is going to be completely picture heavy and for my beautiful sister.  I hope you and Luke have many more happy years together!  We love you both!!!!



Clara's hair that didn't even last till family pictures.  She was SO EXCITED to wear her brand new pink dress with the pink flower that she "forgot" to nap.  Therefore when the time to take family pictures came we had one crabby kid on our hands.

The Mister promising the little ones a frog hunt after the ceremony if they were all good.

(There was no frog hunt.)

Her bridesmaids were all my little sisters.  
They looked so beautiful.
And so grown up! 
(All hair and make up on the wedding party was done by Perfectly Polished in Trenton Illinois.)

This is my baby sister Gabriel.

My little sister, Codi.

My little sister and little brother, 
Michaela and Dominick. 

MOH and little sister Aryn.
(They were walking to fast, and this one's a bit blurry.)

Luke, waiting for Rebekah.

Judah, pouting that he can't go up there....

Rhiannon being an usherette

Rebekah and Dad...

Getting married!

Vera and Clara in front of the getaway car....

The mister was "bragging" about how he didn't have to wear a tie the night before the wedding.  My sister heard and demanded that he wear a pink bow-tie.  What the bride wants.....the bride gets.  However, he looked so darn handsome I think I will have him wear a bowtie for EVERY fancy occasion from here on out.

And I will always make sure it matches my dress....

Thank you for the wonderful day Rebekah and Luke!

Happy Monday!

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