Thursday, September 6, 2012

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Self pity.  Every single person experiences this.  I do as well.  I get wrapped up in feeling overwhelmed at being mother, wife, house cleaner, meal planner-shopper-cooker, "bus" driver, etc. etc. and I  then feel overwhelmed.  Like things are bad.  Then I am brought back down to earth at how ridiculously lucky I am.  For not having a want in this world.  For my Mister, who always puts up with my ridiculous ante's and is a solid rock each time I need him.  For my children, whom are both brilliant, beautiful and HEALTHY.

I read this in its entirety today and wept.  I can not imagine going through this.  My Aunt and Uncle lost their first born son to brain tumors when he was around this little girls age as well.  I was to young to really comprehend just how they felt while going through this.  My heart breaks for you, for this woman and for every other parent who has to deal with this horrible disease. 

I hope you take time to read this story and perhaps give to their little girls organization.

Today I am reminded of how beautiful life is.  I hope you all have such a wonderful day.  As for me, I am off to take my baby to swing.

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