Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby's Got A Brand New Bed

Yesterday, shortly after I put Clara down for her nap, I heard her yelling to me in pure excitement to "Come Look Mama!!!  Come Look Mama!!"  When I saw what she was doing I laughed and asked her to do it again so I could document it for the Mister, whom as expected, had a mini heart attack.


She was so damn proud of herself until a few hours later when she tried it again and became really scared.  So Mama to the rescue!  (The mister wanted to get her a "bigger crib".)  While his beloved white sox were playing I got to work in converting the crib to a real big kid bed.  

My baby is getting to big way to fast! 


  1. Crystal, I had a dream last night Zakiah did just what Clara did ....too funny. Although in my dream Zakiah was holding on, jumping up and down, and got himself so high he was able to jump out of his crib. Needless to say, I got up and put lots of pillows on the floor in front of his crib...just in case! Thanks for sharing your cute story!
    Erin Boucher

  2. I'm moving into an new apt next weekend...I'm right there with you!! LITTLE MONKEYS, THEY ARE!!!