Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jitter bug

Yesterday was such a sweet day.  Yes it is cliche, but the Mister really does go above and beyond what he should do for us every year on this fake lovers holiday.  

(Please don't tell him that.  We enjoy it.) 

I especially enjoyed when this box came.  
  I have never had a box of flowers show up on my doorstep before.

Now I must say that it is officially 45 days till the wedding and I am really nervous about getting everything done in time.  It's making my eye twitch and giving me heart palpation's.

Why didn't I elope?  More importantly, why didn't I just hire a wedding planner?  (Over 3/4 of the wedding party don't even have outfits yet!)  I think I might have a serious nervous breakdown if things don't start going according to plan soon.

 Breathe in..........Breathe out.............(repeat) 

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