Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've started this blog for many reasons.  One major reason is to try and straighten out my twisted mind.  Another is to share our crazy ridiculous life with loved ones from afar and last I want to meet new foodie friends who enjoy making and eating all sorts of delicious eats.

Once upon a time not long ago I used to care about things.  And I mean REALLY care.  About animals in particular.  I then was a vegetarian.   I used to  only by products that were not tested on animals.  I was so extreme with this that there is a video of me in a college speech class demonstrating the different contraptions they put animals in while making sure your shampoo is safe for you.  When my then six year old daughter saw an Aussie hair product in our bathroom she came running up to me with fear in her eyes saying "Mom! They test on animals!  Why do we have this?"  I was so proud of her at that moment.  I lived with four cats.  I would sing from the top of my lungs while my roommate played guitar on our porch until the wee hours of the night.  I would only buy fair trade.  I listened to community radio.  I volunteered.  I felt like I could make some sort of a difference in this world.

Over the past three years I have morphed into a completely different person.  For example, today I had the most delicious chicken hot wing burger for lunch.  I have Procter and Gamble products all over my house.  (They are the worst offenders of animal testing.  They know what they are doing is cruel and inhumane yet still do it every day.)  I live with a wonderful man who is allergic to all things cute and hairy.  I don't even listen to my cd's.  I feel like I don't do anything of substance anymore and its not because I can't, I just have had a hard time feeling like I still care.  

Until now.  Recently I started reading Made From Scratch Discovering The Pleasures Of A HandmaIde Life by Jenna Woginrich.  This book makes me want to go back to (parts of) that girl I used to be.  I still want chickens, very badly, but I am going to attempt to bring a little more substance back into our lives.  This year I'm going to bring us back to what really matters.

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