Friday, December 14, 2012

Hold Your Babies Tight...

Things Children Should Think About:

  • What Mama is making for dinner.
  • If They will get to swing today
  • If Mom or Dad will cave and read them an extra book tonight
  • Why (everything) works (with in depth explanations)

Things Children Should Never Ever Think About:

  • A Crazy Ass Person with big scary guns coming into their school and hurting their friends and loved ones.


History has proven that sometimes people snap under extreme pressure and do something stupid, like take the life of their own child.  

But to open fire in a KINDERGARTEN classroom?

27 dead with 18 of those being children?  

This is one of many reasons why I will never be pro guns.  

This is a perfect example on why I silently hope they will not carry out the "conceal to carry" in Illinois.  

This is very very sad.

Hold your babies a little tighter today, folks.  I know I will.

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